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This Week in Photos - Nov. 8, 2018

A kindergarten student works on fall-themed project gluing dried beans and grains to create a turkey.


Third graders listen as Drama Chair Julian Schlusberg gives a prompt for a scene to perform. Once the students are in place, a classmate who was waiting outside the theater tries to guess the scene.


On a rainy day, students race around the gym with foam "wings" playing freeze tag. Later games tasked students with various other challenges, like doing jumping jacks, when tagged.


Yale World Fellow Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi shares his expertise on the politics of Middle Eastern art with the ninth grade Comparative Cultures class.


Teacher Intern Megan Sutherland reviews answers to a quiz with seventh grade students.


First graders use dry erase boards to write and diagram words.


An honors math student uses a graphing calculator and Chromebook to calculate and chart data.


Susan Keegan's kindergarten class engages their whole bodies as they spell words, creating a different motion for each letter.


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