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This Week in Photos - Nov. 19, 2020

As part of their ecology unit fifth graders went on a scavenger hunt in the Sacred Woods and collected samples from nature. In class they used microscopes to study their samples in detail. After examining them students illustrated and wrote about their observations in their science journals.


To learn about potential and kinetic energy, seventh graders built catapults using mouse traps. The students then took their machines outdoors to launch balls of paper, and afterward discussed their designs and techniques.


Eighth graders listen and take notes and teacher Cindy Raymond explains properties of absolute value inequalities in Algebra I. 


Music teacher Deadra Hart remotely instructs a seventh grade class, teaching them proper mallet technique when playing on xylophones and glockenspiels.


A Kindergarten student proudly displays a turkey she made using a pine cone, glue, paper, and googly eyes.


Teacher Melissa McCormack uses word dice to help second graders with reading. Students noted similarities and differences between "their" and "there".


School counselor Kossouth Bradford reads "Weird!" by Erin Frankel to fifth graders as part of a RULER lesson. The class discussed how thoughts, feelings and behavior are interconnected.


Grade 3 teacher Rob Withers uses a table-top camera to teach students math by calculating the correct change of various transactions.


Librarian Katie Santomasso helps third graders check out books using her mobile library cart. Students are also able to request specific books or genres to be brought to their class from the library.


Second graders learned about scientific observation this week by studying the properties of corn syrup. Above, a student studies how corn syrup with dye flows differently than corn syrup without dye.

After reading "Wishtree" by Katherine Applegate, fourth graders in Toby Welch's class wrote their own wishes on strips of fabric and attached them to a tree on campus.

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