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This Week in Photos - Nov. 12, 2020

Fourth graders in Dana Kephart's music class are learning the words to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" in American sign language—a creative (and safer) alternative to singing. (Photograph by Dana Kephart)


Kindergarteners make observational drawings of a maple tree outside their classroom. The students will check on the same tree throughout the year to see how it is changing with the seasons. During the much beloved maple sugaring unit, the students will have the opportunity to taste the sap, and eventually syrup, produced from the tree. (Photograph by Alexandra Wittner)


A seventh grader goes deep to right field while playing "tennis baseball" on a beautiful fall day. 


In Chinese, second graders are learning vocabulary for body parts. Wenyan Witkowsky took her students outside to drawn animals or people in sidewalk chalk, and label each body part in pinyin


Lower School Spanish teacher Miguel Paulino gestures energetically to teach first graders arriba and abajo.


A fourth grader reads his “best place” narrative to his class. After selecting one of their favorite places each child wrote a descriptive personal narrative to capture what makes the place so special to them. After reading their published piece aloud, they received personalized and specific compliments from their classmates to highlight what they did well as writers. (Photograph by Ashley Schnabel)


Fifth graders in Adam Solomon's class work to create their own Mayan stelae as part of their study of ancient civilizations. (Photograph by Adam Solomon)


Students in first grade played a "stepping stone" word game. Teacher Margy Lamere placed cards with words around the room and students read the words as they jumped from card to card. (Photograph by Margy Lamere)


Each eighth grader chose a topic from art history, a person or time period, and created a human-form sculpture inspired by the style of their chosen topic. They researched their topic and presented the information to their class. The goal was to have the students teach each other a broad overview of art history from the paleolithic era to today," says teacher Mike Golschneider. After presenting, the students put their sculptures on a table in chronological order to create a visual representation of an art history timeline. They finished with a discussion about the evolution of art over time. 


After mixing paint to match their own skin tone, Kindergartners began to assemble their body maps. Over the course of the unit, students will add other features to their bodies like hair and clothing that reflect their unique identity. (Photograph by Alexandra Wittner)


First grader teacher Sue Shaw flashes a thumbs up to a student during an outdoor reading lesson.


Fourth grade students are studying the immigrant experience—the conditions people face and the challenges they overcome by relocating to America. They're reading two books, Letters from Rivka and Bridge to America, and creating scrapbooks to further their understanding of the books and visually represent what they've read. The cross-curricular assignment also utilizes writing and art as students summarize the story and place handmade objects in their scrapbooks. (Photograph by Kathleen O'Rourke)


Ninth graders practice steel pans in the Perrine Library. (Photograph by Nat DiMario)


Each year Foote donates proceeds from our Halloween Fair to Columbus House shelters. Though the fair was cancelled this year, Foote families rallied together for a school-wide drive (coordinated by the student-run Community Council) to collect snacks, masks, games and other necessities for Columbus House guests.

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