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This Week in Photos - May 6, 2021

After a year of Zoom meetups, Kindergartners and their 9th grade buddies were finally able to meet in person on the Lower School playground. Foote's Buddy program is just one of the ways students build lasting friendships and a sense of community across grades.


As part of their study of human body systems, 6th graders dissected a sheep's brain to learn more about the nervous system. After identifying all of the external structures, students cut the brain in half to identify some of the internal structures such as the corpus callosum, which helps the right and left hemispheres communicate with each other. 


Students write their own plays as part of the 5th grade drama curriculum. Themes span a wide range including murder mysteries, fantastical worlds, presidential campaigns, and even cooking competitions. Above students have a blast as they rehearse their play ahead of its classroom premiere next week. 


Third grade students are learning to write simple Chinese characters and radicals, which form the semantic root of the Chinese characters. Knowing them helps students build a solid foundation for recognizing and writing Chinese characters throughout their study of Mandarin. Above, a student practices writing the Chinese character 水 shuǐ (water) and its radical. 


A 7th grade student discuss a model of the Pantheon he and classmates constructed for Latin class. The class is currently studying early Roman history and the beginnings of the city of Rome. Each student chose a building or structure to research, investigating its construction, function and legacy before creating a model or drawing to represent their research.


Each year, 8th graders learn about the Holocaust through texts, museum visits and first-hand accounts. This year Humanities Chair Deb Riding invited three members of the Foote community into the classroom via Zoom to discuss their families' connections to the Holocaust and the lasting impacts they had. After the discussion, students wrote notes about the conversation.


After completing an activity, a Kindergarten student began to stack his markers together in Spanish class. Teacher Miguel Paulino joined in and asked the student to name the colors in Spanish as he helped stacked the tower higher.


Fourth graders constructed and tested paper seeds to see how they fall and whether they make it out of a tree's shade. This seasonally appropriate lesson sets the foundation for a later discussion of food webs and plants' roles at the bottom of food chains. Later, 4th graders will move on to study higher consumers, predators and their prey.


Former Foote teacher Angela Giannella returned to campus this week for a special basket weaving lesson in second grade.


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