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This Week in Photos - Mar. 4, 2021

Maintenance staffer Mike Milazzo talks with a Kindergarten student in the Sacred Woods about the process of making maple syrup as sap is boiled from trees tapped on Foote's campus. Each year Kindergarten students learn about the maple sugaring process as part of an interdisciplinary unit that culminates in a pancake breakfast.

Sixth grade students engaged in a reductive sculpture process inspired by the underwater works of British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The students roughed out the forms of their chosen subject matter in clay and used carving tools to refine and shape their pieces. Above, a student adds detail to his alligator sculpture.


In Chris Zachau's 7th grade science class two students compare their answers on a NASA moon survival exercise. Each student was tasked with ranking the importance of items they had available after an emergency landing on the moon that would help them reach a lunar base. Items included 20 liters of water, a box of matches, parachute silk and more.


In second grade, students learned about measurement by using their hands as benchmarks to estimate the size of various objects. After teacher Kim Yap showed students how a ruler can be used for standard measurement, students were then able to compare their estimates to the actual size of objects.


In 9th grade biology, students are concluding their study of natural selection, how new species develop and the way the diversity of life on our planet is changing. After demonstrating their knowledge through a challenging written test, their curriculum will shift into a deeper focus on bacteria, viruses and the diseases they cause.


On a chilly day 3rd graders enjoyed physically distant games indoors for P.E. Students rotated between ping pong, cornhole and ladder toss.


Fifth graders recently learned that in many Egyptian tombs the game of senet has been found. Using an online program they were able to play the game and tried to determine its rules. The following day they were given the actual rules and created their own senet game boards.


Two 1st graders compare and discuss the properties of water, salad oil, glue and shampoo as part of their study of liquids. Students conducted experiments to determine fluidity and viscosity and shared their observations as a class.


Fourth grade teacher John Clime checks in with a remote student during a math lesson. In small groups students were tasked with creating data sets based on each member's house number, number of pets and age in months. After creating the set, the data were used to calculate the average based on the numbers shared.


Honors Algebra 1 students in 8th grade worked on factoring algebraic expressions using a technique called grouping. As one of the more challenging aspects of the factoring unit, teacher John Hay helped students share ideas and strategies in order to problem solve. Through collaboration, perseverance and effective communication, students were able to master the concept of grouping and successfully solve some very complex algebra problems.


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