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This Week in Photos - Jan. 23, 2020

Second graders wore superhero capes they made from recycled tablecloths at the K-2 assembly celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each student created their own "everyday superhero" identity based on something they can do to make the world a better place—from working for equality and picking up trash to composting and raising animals humanely.


For their Comparative Cultures course, each ninth grader studied an indigenous population and created an "artifact" representative of that culture to share with classmates.


First graders practiced Salsa dancing in Spanish class, one of several dances from the Spanish-speaking world that they are learning.


During indoor physical education class on a chilly day, third graders explored a variety of games and physical activities including rope climbing, volleyball, hula hoop, basketball, jump rope and scoop ball.


A Kindergartner carefully cut white construction paper into a circle to represent the moon in an animal diorama.


Eighth graders in Katie Hackenburg's Spanish class converse, barter, buy and sell goods at a "mercado" using mock pesos.


As part of the journeys theme in their humanities class, sixth graders heard about a bike tour across Italy by Foote alumnus Holden Turner '14. Students consider the essential questions: Why do people take journeys? What effects do journeys have on people? And how does place influence a story?


Blending geography and design, fourth graders created paintings in the style of the abstract Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Each painting represents the abstract intersections of state borders in the United States using vibrant colors and bold lines.


Foote welcomed the Year of the Golden Rat at the annual Chinese New Year parade and fair. This year, special guest Dr. Guan, a Chinese calligraphy expert, wrote traditional couplets and lucky Chinese characters expressing good luck and best wishes for the coming year. 


Educators from FCD Prevention Works visited Foote this week to speak with students about making responsible decisions around substance use and how to live complete, healthy lives. Fifth graders discussed how sleep can affect their overall wellbeing. 


In Deadra Hart's music class, seventh graders helped each other clap out notated rhythms.


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