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This Week in Photos - Feb. 20, 2020

Eighth graders participated in the annual New England Math League contest this week.


Drama chair Julian Schlusberg directs ninth graders during a rehearsal of The Miser. The performance will run from March 3-6.


First graders learned about force and motion using Zoomers. Above, Lower School associate Felicia McKee discusses different ways the disc can be spun by winding and pulling on a string.


To celebrate the 100th day of the school year, second graders collectively wrote 100 positive affirmations.


As part of their study of the nervous system, sixth graders in Kim Birge-Liberman's science class balance in different poses to test their body's ability to maintain equilibrium.


"Hip Hip Hooray It's 100 Day!" Kindergartners paraded around campus on the 100th day of school, just one of many celebratory activities.


Third graders jump to catch a frisbee during recess.


Warburg visiting artist Anna Lindemann talks with fifth graders about their concepts for a stop-motion animation movie. Students will work together over the next few weeks to produce, edit, and record short films which will premiere at an evening performance for parents and students on Thursday, March 12.


Chinese teacher Anne Lu reviews a seventh grade student's homework that challenged students to label pieces of apartment furniture in Mandarin and describe their locations.


Fourth graders presented carefully researched monologues as notable historical figures—including astronaut Neil Armstrong—to peers and teachers as part of a "living wax museum."


After listening to a moving presentation from Holocaust survivor Judith Altmann, Middle School students filled a wall in the Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building with their questions, thoughts and feelings.

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