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This Week in Photos - Feb. 6, 2020

Latin teacher Tina Hansen discusses examples of previous students' work as an introduction to the next seventh grade assignment: adapting a modern board game to include Grecian themes.


Fourth graders practice playing recorders as an ensemble in Dana Kephart's music class.


Members of F-STAND (Foote Students Together Against Negativity and Discrimination) work with Dr. Sandra "Chap" Chapman, Director of Equity and Community at Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School. Students picked out cards they felt represented the strengths and opportunities Foote has related to diversity, equity and inclusion.


A sixth grader illustrates faces on a collage inspired by Picasso's painting "Guernica" in Mike Golschneider's art class.


Second graders discuss stories in the book Superkids with teacher Susie Grimes. In addition to practicing age-appropriate reading, the students also learn about story structure, character development and plot.


Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., a first grader in Kim Yap's class writes a paragraph about what he is passionate about changing in the world.


Fifth graders use light boxes, mirrors and protractors in Andrew Zielinski's science class to study how light can be manipulated at different angles.


Kindergartners discuss the various parts of a house as they piece together rooms in a puzzle.


Janet Alfano, executive director of the New Haven Diaper Bank, speaks with third graders about the work of the organization and about the challenges that inspired former Foote parent Joanne Goldblum to found the Diaper Bank.


Inspired by the Bryan Stevenson book Just Mercy and their study of criminal justice reform, eighth graders presented 45-minute lessons on a chosen topic to peers and guests from the Foote community.


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