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This Week in Photos - Feb. 4, 2021

Fourth graders construct snow forts during recess on a bluebird day.


Lower School associate teacher Kayleigh Axon talks with first graders about different shapes they are using to create Valentine's Day cards.


Kindergarten teacher Alexandra Wittner helps a student open a plastic Easter egg, shared as part of another student's family tradition.


Librarian Anna Stover reads Charlie’s First Night, by Amy Hest to a first grade class over Zoom. After reading students discussed big and little ways a character can show that they have a warm heart. 


Deb Riding discusses the memoir The Glass Castle in her 8th grade Humanities class, leading a discussion about the racially exclusionary practices used by "company towns" in rural Appalachia.


Fifth graders design a research craft as part of their study of space. Students discussed and chose various "parts" to equip their machine with that would best accomplish a given task (studying geology, detecting water, or prepping for human inhabitants). Photograph by Andrew Zielinski


Three cheers for the Foote maintenance staff, who were busy this week clearing snow to keep school running! Maintenance staffer Wally Siracuse used some of the snow to build hills and ramps for students to sled down.


Each year fourth grade students hear stories from members of the Foote community who are immigrants, this year over Zoom. Following the meetings, students wrote letters to the speakers expressing gratitude and asking additional questions. Photograph by Kathleen O'Rourke


After a day of remote learning, students were excited to get back to campus with snow pants and sleds to play in the Sacred Woods.


A seventh grader takes a quiz in Honors Algebra on three-dimensional geometry.


Kindergartners dance with scarves in music class with Tina Cunningham. Photograph by Chrissy Khachane


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