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This Week in Photos - Jan. 1, 2020

First grade teacher Hilary Pearson helps a student with math as she tries to "bowl" the numbers 1 through 10 using dice to add and subtract.


As part of a study on weather systems, a seventh grader in Chris Zachau's science class constructs a blender-powered box to simulate the effect a hurricane has on a beach.


Two eighth graders warm up for basketball practice after school, as the winter sports season kicks into high gear.


As a follow-up to building models of early American structures (such as a sawmill and one-room schoolhouse), third graders in Karla Matheny's art studio built modern-day versions of those structures (including a Lowe's and a miniature Foote School).


Mandarin teacher Wenyan Witkowsky teaches second graders how to make Chinese glutinous rice balls, a sweet and colorful treat typically enjoyed on special occasions.


Fourth graders recite original winter-themed poetry to peers and family in the theater at the annual Candlehouse Ceremony.


The ninth grade China Ambassadors present Chinese guest teacher Zhao Yu (aka "Vincent") with a farewell card at the Winter Assembly. Vincent has returned to China and will reunite with ninth graders in the spring when they travel to Changsha.


Sixth grade students carefully pour sand to create intricate mandalas of their own design.


Students run through snow-covered woods during advisory period on a chilly morning.


After learning about Hanukkah traditions from Head of School Carol Maoz, Kindergarteners had the chance to play dreidel together.


Technology teacher Ethan Schoenherr works with fifth graders as they assemble VEX robots in technology class. After construction, the students learn how to program the four-wheeled robot to complete various tasks such as navigating a track and avoiding obstacles.

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