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This Week in Photos - April 8, 2021

Students in 4th grade play jump-rope to the "Skipping Rope Song" in Dana Kephart's music class. The song combines a rhythmic element students learned earlier this year with a new melodic element. Students loved taking turns counting their number of jumps, and when a high score was achieved celebration ensued! 


A 5th grade remote learner counts and sorts M&M's as part of a math lesson. Students learned how to use ratios, fractions, decimals and percents to figure out what colors of M&M's were in a bag. Using data from the M&M website about how many of each color go into a typical bag, students made conjectures about how many of each color should be in their bag. After calculating their results students discussed why their results did or did not match the advertised breakdown.


Second graders listen to O'Sullivan Stew by Hudson Talbott. The story, which focuses on the O'Sullivan story of Crookhaven, Ireland, asks students to think about what defines a character as good or evil and introduces the concept of neutral characters. Above librarian Katie Santomasso uses a dramatic voice to give life to a sea serpent.


Laura Stanley works with 6th graders on a homework puzzler. Students were given a verbal prompt (i.e. "Draw a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides and 4 right angles) then had to "translate" the prompt from words into a diagram (which, in this case, led them to draw a rectangle). The assignment required students to read all of the information before putting pencil paper—a task that proved challenging for some students who were eager to dive right into problem solving.


This spring, Middle School Humanities teacher Liam Considine gave the 9th grade class a choice of topics to study: U.S. global policies (including China-U.S. relations), nuclear proliferation, climate change, immigration, the war in Iraq, and Syria's civil war. Students selected to study China. Above, students discuss the Opium Wars and early Western interference in China during the 18th century.


Eighth graders in Alison Moncrief Bromage's Humanities class engage in a dramatic reading of Lorraine Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun.


Kindergartners celebrated the end of their maple sugaring unit in two ways: wearing pajamas to school, and enjoying an outdoor pancake breakfast with Foote's own maple syrup.


Daffodils bloom as 7th graders enjoy a game of outdoor basketball on a beautiful spring day.


As part of their study of science, 1st graders learn about floatation and sinking. A remote student gathered toys and objects and tested out their buoyancy in a bin at home.


Third graders run, swing, balance, jump, climb and slide on the Middle School playground during recess.


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