Students Score Big in National Latin Exam

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Students Score Big in National Latin Exam

Students across the U.S. and in many foreign countries took the National Latin Exam, from elementary school to college level. The exams contain 40 questions on a variety of topics such as grammar and syntax, Latin sayings and mottos, and Roman history, religion and culture. Awards were given to students who scored above the national average. Our Latin students received 43 awards. Congratulations to them all!


Seventh Grade-Introduction to Latin Exam

Summa cum Laude with a gold medal

Zazie Gazzola


Maxima Cum Laude with a silver medal

Sofia Caliendo

Alora Hanson

Meg Harper-Mangels

Ela Kaya

Isla Kelly

Lily Wittenstein

Rosemary White

Magna Cum Laude

Tovah Berkowitz

James Elliott

Abe Harris-Sturges

Javi Hsu

Sophie Jelaca

Annabel Sheehan


Cum Laude

Ibrahim Abudayya

Lorelai Burke

Bradley DeCew

Silvia Gozar-Zimbrean

Molly Larsen

Owen Lasater

Alex Rouwenhorst

Emile Stanley

Sabine Teel

Milos van den Bosch

Eighth Grade-Beginning Latin 

Summa cum Laude with a gold medal

Sofia Chun

Aiden Gomez

Eric Silva

Sid Srihari

Lulu Tang

Cordelia Thompson


Maxima Cum Laude with a silver medal 

Amelia Andersson

Natalie Curtis

Poppy Shor

George Thompson


Magna Cum Laude 

Esther Schonberger

Kameron Shahid

Ava Vidal


Cum Laude 

Maya Abeles

Sammy Fisher

Elias Joseph

Fiona Wiman


Ninth Grade-Intermediate Latin 

Magna Cum Laude 

Christian Herron


Cum Laude 

Myles Carter-Solomon

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