Pesky plastic problem? Put it to good use!

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Pesky plastic problem? Put it to good use!

Frustrated by those plastics that your town can’t recycle? First-graders have just the fix for that.

In conjunction with the Garden Club of New Haven and Trex, 1Z has introduced a new project to help rid the world of plastics that — in most towns and cities — are not recyclable. These flexible plastics (see list below) can be sent to Trex where they will be mixed with sawdust and a polymer, and turned into stair planks, decks, or benches.

If our community can contribute 500 pounds of flexible plastic before the end of the school year, Trex will manufacture a bench that will be donated to the Garden Club and placed at a park in New Haven.

According to Trex, “When you donate your unwanted plastic materials to Trex, not only are you helping to keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills, you're also helping us to continue to create beautiful and environmentally responsible outdoor products.”

The collection is already underway! Look for donation spots outside the first grade classrooms, and the library. (More to come!) If you are unsure whether your item qualifies, there are separate containers for those — we’ll take a look and figure it out. NOTE: All materials must be clean, dry, and free of food residue.

If you have questions, please contact Margy Lamere.

Trex recycling accepts: Grocery bags, bread bags, case overwrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, wood pellet bags, ziplock (and other re-sealable bags), produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags, and cereal bags. Bags marked LPDE 2 or 4 are also accepted.

Please do not include: frozen food bags, candy bar wrappers, chip bags, net/mesh produce bags, pet food bags, biodegradable/compostable bags, pre-washed salad mix bags, hot dog or meat packaging, six-pack rings, PPE gloves (or other protective wear, pool covers, lamination film, vinyl shower curtains/tablecloths, bedding or linen packaging, shiny/crinkly films (eg. Floral wrap), backyard ice rink liner.

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