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Open Studios at Foote

Foote will be an official host site for City Wide Open Studios on Sunday, October 14 from 12 to 6 p.m. The event will feature eight artists from the Foote community exhibiting a range of work—from oil paintings and mixed media to sculpture and photography.

From 1 - 3 p.m. there will be children's art activities, typewriter poetry and a participatory demonstration in traditional Chinese painting with Yali guest teacher Zhou Kun. From 2 to 2:30, there will be a family yoga class led by Lotus Kids Yoga.

Featured artists:


Kwadwo Adae – Painting

““I am the founder and director of the Adae Fine Art Academy, an independent drawing and painting school in New Haven that provides lessons for children, young adults and adults.” Kwadwo is the father of a Foote ninth grader and eighth grader.

Location: JM103

Stephanie Arrell – Painting

“In my oil paintings, I have tried to convey the uniqueness of familiar landscapes. I am interested in capturing changes in natural light and their effects on color. I have tried to show interactions of colors in the still lifes.” Stephanie is a friend of Foote School.

Location: Harkness Room, Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building 2nd Flo


Michelle Bradford – Painting

“I am inspired by a deep desire to explore color more fully. I delight in watching the colors take shape in front of me. I see this as a co-creation with gravity where beautiful, organic forms, textures and meandering lines are created which I find to be far more interesting than anything preconceived.” Michelle is the mother of a Foote sixth grader and Kindergartner.

Location: Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building, 2nd Floor


Bob Faucher – Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Pencil

“I believe art is for everyone. It is a reflection of life and imagination. It is a gateway to greater human understanding and is my life.” Bob is the grandfather of a Foote first grader.

Location: JM101


Mike Golschneider – Mixed Media

“Using found objects consisting of washed up sea trash and other refuse, I explore human environmental impact by creating a site-specific ‘snap shot’ of an area in Connecticut.” Mike is a Foote art teacher.

Location: JM201


Eliza Myers – Painting

“I have been painting in acrylics and oils since high school. I'm now well past graduate school, with a career as a neonatologist and four children, so my painting time is very limited. My current interest is portraiture and I recently challenged myself by painting one of my children.” Eliza is the parent of a Foote first grader and third grader.

Location: Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building, 1st Floor


Judy Rosenthal — Photography

“In addition to photography, I create in a wide range of visual art media, from work on paper to large scale site specific installations. I wrestle with ideas, and the art comes from that process. For this event I have collected works from my camera, hands and spirit that are meditative, contemplative and mysterious.” Judy has been documenting life at Foote School since 1999.

Location: Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building, 1st Floor


Gar Waterman – Sculpture

“I work in stone, wood, bronze, glass, and steel, producing carefully crafted objects that reflect my fascination with evolution’s exquisite sense of design.” Gar is a guest art teacher at Foote and parent of a Foote sixth grader.

Location: JM102


Since 1916, The Foote School has provided child-centered education that nurtures creativity, excellence and joy in learning.

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