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Language Contest Honors

Congratulations to the 14 middle school students who received medals at this year's COLT Poetry Recitation contest. Twenty-four Foote students traveled to Rockville High School in Vernon on April 3 to compete with peers from around the state, reciting poems in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish, along with heritage speakers in Chinese, French and Italian.

Our medalists are:

1st place
Portia Chung (7th grade), Latin
Julien Gangloff (7th grade), French Heritage
Maya Salvana (8th grade), Latin
Lauren Sonnenfeld (7th grade), Chinese

2nd place
Elia Ahmadi (7th grade), French
Sophie Gangloff (7th grade), French Heritage
David Garsten (8th grade), Spanish
Finn Knight (7th grade), Chinese 
Morgan Oakes (8th grade), Chinese 

3rd place
Mia d'Amuri (7th grade), Italian Heritage
Eli Levesque (9th grade), Latin
Chris Mudry (9th grade), French,
Audrey Pamelard (7th grade), Spanish
Malachai York, (9th grade), Latin 

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