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Growing Our Sixth Grade

In order to meet increased interest in our sixth grade program, we will be adding a small group of new students next year and dividing the grade into four smaller sections. Each homeroom will have 15 to 16 students, thereby maintaining the small class sizes and individual attention that defines our middle school program.

The theme of our sixth grade program is "journeys" and students take part in a fascinating journey of experiential learning during this year. Sixth graders study world cultures through the lenses of religion, geography, history, music and the arts. In the first days of the school year, each student selects a country to study by spinning a globe and stopping it with his or her finger. Whichever country that finger lands on forms the basis of an engrossing, in-depth research project that culminates in April with the Festival of the World.

Sixth graders visit houses of worship, climb Connecticut's highest peak, create mathematical casino-style games to demonstrate mastery of statistical concepts, and volunteer once a week at a soup kitchen in Hamden.

In science, a comprehensive biology curriculum invites students on a journey to investigate cells, consider ethical questions and learn about the human body. In every subject, students are encouraged to expand their thinking through complex mathematical operations, conversational nuances in their modern language classes and discussions with advisors and peers.

Every student who enters in sixth grade is matched with a Foote host family and a buddy from the student's homeroom to support their transition over the summer and throughout the school year. New students are also supported through the advisory program, and through language and math placements that give them the best chance of success in our academically challenging program.

"Foote does an amazing job with new students transitioning in during the often challenging middle school years," says Josh Geballe of Guilford, who is also a Foote graduate. "Our son Will came to Foote for sixth grade to help build a very strong academic foundation before high school and was welcomed in with extra attention from students and faculty. He quickly built strong friendships and has loved his time at Foote."

Foote parent Alison Cady felt similarly supported when her son, Mac, started at Foote in sixth grade. "The close knit community at Foote made Mac’s transition to middle school a smooth one. There was no way he was going to slip through the cracks. His advisor and teachers made a point of updating us on his progress throughout his first year. Now it’s hard to differentiate him from the Foote lifers!"

You can learn more about our sixth grade program on our curriculum page.

We encourage all interested parents to attend a Parent Tour and see our classes in action. Click here for available tour dates. Contact Director of Admissions Rachelle Byron at admissions@footeschool.org with any questions.

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