Foote Announces New Logo

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Foote Announces New Logo

Last year The Foote School released its seven-point Strategic Plan — a long-range plan to achieve school priorities based on significant research, environmental scans, SWOT analysis, committee exercises, and trends in the independent school and the education sectors. Among the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan was to “affirm our identity in the marketplace,” a process of self-examination that asks the school community to define: Who are we? What is our story? Does the greater community see us the way we see ourselves? 

Thus launched a rebranding initiative, funded by a generous donation, that has been underway for almost a year, with a nine-month intensive, multifaceted research and review process, involving many members of the Foote community who were not only interviewed in focus groups, but included in the decisions about positioning, messaging, and design. 

This September, the school shared with the community a snapshot — in the physical form of a logo — of the much larger rebranding process.

Image"While there has been much work completed in our messaging and positioning, we are especially excited to share with you the physical result of those conversations in the form of an updated Foote logo," according to school officials. "While a new logo is not a one-size-fits all endeavor, great care and consideration was given to every step of this process."

School officials pointed out that the process was guided by experts in educational/nonprofit branding — a firm called Generation — in conjunction with input and feedback from a wide range of constituencies in our community. Generation visited campus and interviewed dozens of students, faculty, staff, parents, past parents, alumni, and board members to learn more about our traditions, values, aspirations, perceptions of self, and our peer schools. Throughout the spring and summer, Generation partnered with the Foote Client Committee (comprised of board members, administrators, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff) to thoughtfully and intentionally develop an updated way for the school to tell its story.

In an email to the Foote community, school officials explained: the use of a leaf (inspired by the copper beech outside the Main Office) pays homage to Foote's beautiful, tree-covered campus; simultaneously, it is set at an angle that references the architecture on campus. By removing the depictions of individuals from its logo, the school can better reflect its commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive community where everyone belongs. Finally, retaining the iconic “maroon and gray,” the new Foote logo honors tradition, while offering a fresh, inclusive way for the school to share its collective identity with the outside community. 

"We are grateful for the many members of our community who gave their time and energy to this process of discovery, and provided valuable insight each step of the way. In the coming months, you will begin to see this new logo appear in official school documents and signs. At the same time, we will continue to honor the people and traditions that have helped shape us — looking ahead while preserving our past," Board Chair Kavitha Bindra said in a presentation of the logo to current Foote families at its annual Parents' Night.

School officials were careful to remind constituents not to confuse a marketing initiative with pedagogy or its mission, vision, and values

"The positioning and messaging pieces of the rebranding effort are the critical marketing pieces for use in how we talk about our work, who we are, and what makes us special as a school. But none of this — messaging, positioning, or logo design — is in any way meant as a replacement for the school's mission, vision, or values, the foundation upon which every institution bases its best practices. As our mission states, we will continue to empower children to lead with courage, compassion, and purpose, and inspire the next generation to change the world," they stated.

School officials acknowledged that changing a logo is not a minor undertaking, and because of that, "we promise you that this was a deliberate, collaborative, wide-reaching effort in which we did our best to include as many voices and preferences as possible." 

"We remain dedicated to honoring our history while sharing renewed excitement about the many ways in which we can share the joy and wonder of the Foote School," said school officials. "Whether your response is positive or negative, we welcome constructive feedback that is delivered in the spirit of partnership."

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