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Finding our Foote-ing
Students and teachers are still wearing masks (at least inside) and still observing physical distancing rules. But signs are everywhere that Foote is steadily returning to something resembling its pre-pandemic self.
Foote photographer Joe Charles wandered campus this week to document signs that life on Loomis is loosening up.

After a year of curbside drop-off, parents are allowed back on campus this year and have enjoyed connecting with teachers and one another while dropping off and picking up their children.


After adopting the library as their makeshift homeroom last year, 9th graders have once again resumed classes in the Harkness Room.


Students are no longer limited to only their classrooms. Each day children move about campus for specials classes, the younger grades traveling in their familiar duckling rows. 


The library is once again a community space, welcoming student during the school day for library class and to check out books. Parents are also welcome back in the library and have eagerly signed up for slots to browse books with their children after school.


Last year, the science labs served as homerooms for single, stable cohorts, and teachers took science class on the road with the help of "chemistry carts." This year, the science labs have returned to their intended use, affording students the chance to conduct lab work in state-of-the-art facilities.


Masks are now optional for students while they are outdoors and middle schoolers (many of whom are vaccinated) have taken advantage of the newfound freedom during recess games.


Lockers are back in use in the Grades 4 and up, giving students a place other than backpacks to store books and personal items.

Interscholastic sports have resumed with a full fall sports season and students in Grades 6–9 are participating in a busy season of field hockey, soccer and cross country.


The art studios are back to their intended use and students are eagerly sculpting, painting and creating as they learn about great artists.


New social distancing guidelines have allowed classrooms to be rearranged into closer configurations, allowing for more collaborative work and discussion.


After-school chess matches have been a favorite activity—and fiercely contended—on the picnic tables outside the Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building.


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