8th and 9th Grade Awards

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8th and 9th Grade Awards

The Class of 2024 took the stage on Tuesday evening, June 11, 2024, to celebrate their time together while looking forward to the next step in their journey.

The following awards were given during the ceremony: 

Jean B. Shepler Fine Arts Prize: Given annually by the arts faculty, this prize is awarded to a member of the graduating class who is an outstanding visual artist, performing artist (music and drama), or artist who has demonstrated visual and performing arts skills.

This year’s recipient of the Jean B. Shepler Fine Arts Prize is Salome del Rio.

Ninth Grade Outstanding Scholarship Award: The Middle School faculty presents the Outstanding Scholarship Award to the 9th-grade student who demonstrates the highest levels of scholarship in all areas of the academic program. While the student’s grades are a significant factor, the award especially recognizes the student who demonstrates scholarly enthusiasm, diligence, love of learning, and intellectual curiosity. 

The winner of the 9th Grade Outstanding Scholarship Award is Lorenzo Graham.

The Foote School Prize: Awarded to a member (or members) of the graduating class who, in the judgment of the faculty, best represents the spirit of the Foote School: a student (or students) who has demonstrated leadership, school spirit, love of learning, generosity of heart, and service to others.

This year, the Foote School Prize is awarded to Salome del Rio.

Hannah Lee Diploma: Named in memory of Hannah Lee, Class of 2008, this is awarded to a former faculty member who demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics: sincere enjoyment of and excitement about learning, enthusiasm, determination, compassion, the ability to draw others into participating and to make others feel comfortable.  This person can have a passion for sports or a different interest, and a love of the theater. This person also exhibits humility and grace.

The 2024 Hannah Lee Diploma was presented to Megan Williams, long-time Foote Middle School math teacher, coach, and advisor. 

Middle School Awards Ceremony

On the last day of regular school, Foote's Middle School hosted its annual assembly, during which time awards are given to students in eighth and ninth grades: 

9th Grade Athletic Award: Salome del Rio

8th Grade Athletic Award: Noor Gonzalez and Sammy Fisher

8th Grade Outstanding Scholarship Award: Lulu Tang, Cordelia Thompson, and Esther Schonberger

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