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China Trip: Days 8 & 9

As the kids walked into Yali this morning we asked them to tell us about their weekends with their host families. Our queries of Hao, Bu Hao? (good or bad?) were consistently answered with Hao! 

We stole a couple of minutes to jot down some things we want to remember, but the day was so full that we didn’t have a chance to share many of our experiences. Luckily we’ll have some time for reflection in Guilin. 

Foote gave one of the best Yali assembly performances ever. The girls sang “A Whole New World,” Ian played Chopin, the China language learners recited their competition poem and the full group sang “All You Need Is Love.”  Two students also gave excellent docent talks. Mia introduced Changsha, and Pablo explained the concept of Learning from Lei Feng. (Hao!)

After making Chinese knots in art class and eating hotpot lunch, the kids visited a series of English classes, sharing the PowerPoints they created back at school about their interests outside of school. We visited Hannah’s son’Harrison’s seventh grade class, played a friendly game of basketball (and taught some Yali students the cheer F-double the O-cross the T-and add an E), and, to end the day at school, made dumplings in the Yali dining hall with the host parents. (Hen Hao!)

The kids headed off with their host families, some to the shopping street, some to the ferris wheel, others home just to hang out. It’s all Hao! here in Changsha. 

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