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China Trip: Day 7

We’ve been in China for a week, but now that we are in Changsha it feels like we have finally arrived.

This morning we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors and had an engaging talk from Maddy, who told us the history of this amazing site and then reminded us to be embarrassed by the recent vandalism of a Terra Cotta Warrior on loan in Pennsylvania. This led to a quick discussion of one of our Comparative Cultures questions: Can an individual represent a whole culture?  Short answer: No. 

The flight to Changsha was short (most of us napped). We were greeted upon landing by Tong Beina, Xu Qingfeng (the leader of last September’s delegation) and several Yali students. What a fond reunion!

The students went off with their host families in high spirits. They are in good hands.

Because the students will be with their host families all day tomorrow, the next update will be posted on Monday.

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