China Trip 2019: Day 11

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China Trip 2019: Day 11

It was hard to leave Guilin after fewer than 24 hours, so we took a leisurely morning walk around the lake outside our hotel past the sun (gold) and the moon (silver) pagodas.

In Yanguo, we marveled at the surreal landscape as we traveled on small rafts down the Li River (as your child to see the incredible photos when they get home!). At the end of the ride, Matteo gave an interesting presentation about cormorant fishing, a tradition on the Li River for over 1,000 years.

After lunch, we participated in a fan-making workshop in Fuli, a small town that specializes in the craft. We checked into our hotel, and Cara and Josie prepared for our evening show with information about the Zhuang Minority and the sotry of Liu SanJie. The kids had some time for hanging out with friends tonight. Now everyone is in bed.

Tomorrow: Our last day in China.

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