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China Trip 2019: Day 10

The kids are out of the pool and back in their rooms for the night. It hardly fees like China here in this western hotel in Guilin, although the double pagodas out the window are a friendly reminder.

We've entered the last stage of our trip, having left Changsha by high-speed train this afternoon. We started the day on the steps of the Yali administration building, chanting "Yali loves Foote! Foote loves Yali!"

Our hosts did the traditional chasing of the bus for our group as we left campus. We visited a traditional farmers' market on the way to Nanya, a 5,000-student Yali-affiliated boarding school for grades 7–12, where we had a flower-arranging lesson, a lunch in the cafeteria and spent some time on the basketball court.

After a tearful goodbye to Zhou Kun at the station, the train ride featured superb views of the countryside and a chance to relax after the intense experience of the home stays.

Tomorrow: Some time to reflect during a cruise down the Li River.

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