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Celebrating and Learning on Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22! Our science teachers and the faculty advisors of Environmental Action Group have compiled a list of ideas and resources to help students and parents make the most of the occasion—which marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day!

Fun & Simple Ideas

  • Do a trash clean up in your area, with gloves & mask.
  • Make an Earth Day poster and hang it in your window for your neighbors to see.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to create an Earth-friendly message for your neighborhood
  • Write a poem to the earth and share it with Andy Bromage and your teacher.
  • Research native plants for your family lawn or garden. 
  • Go on a nature walk or participate in a neighborhood safari.
  • Grow seeds inside to plant outside in warmer weather.
  • Build your own bird feeder from household materials.
  • Create a list of 50 things people can do to help the earth.
  • Make a pledge to change one thing about your lifestyle to help the earth.

Activities for Families

Short Films (20 minutes or less)

Full-length Movies

  • Environmental Film Festival at Yale
  • Environmental Films EAG has shown the community: Chasing IceThe LoraxWALL-EFly Away Home, Disney's BearsMonkey KingdomBorn in China
  • A Plastic Ocean documentary (not suitable for students below 5th grade.)
  • Mission Blue (a nice mix of the realities our oceans are facing and hope, likely not appealing for students under 5th grade)
  • Many nature documentaries, such as Planet Earth & Planet Ocean, available for streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, etc.

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