Bold New Mission, Vision, Values

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Bold New Mission, Vision, Values
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As is best practice for independent schools, every few years, we embark on a comprehensive, reflective planning process, the results of which are intended to focus Foote's energy and resources for long-term success. We are excited to share with you Phase I: our reimagined mission, vision, and values.

As you will hear from Board President Kavitha Bindra, “It’s not so much a new mission, as a clarified mission.” The long-held values of a Foote education remain intact, while we set our intentions on illuminating the most meaningful elements for our students.

The statements in the mission, vision, and values are bold — they are bold because we are confident in our ability to fulfill them. For our students to thrive in an increasingly complex global community, it is our responsibility to equip them with critical skills that promote leadership, collaboration, and empathy. In return, our students are inspired to contribute to a healthy learning community where all voices are empowered, heard, and understood.

This work involved commitment and thoughtful planning — we are grateful for the tireless work of our steering committee, and the ongoing feedback from members of our community. We are proud to be part of your Foote family and excited for the journey ahead, throughout which we welcome your continued partnership and support.   

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