An Inspired Model Congress

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An Inspired Model Congress
Model Congress

For the 30th time, The Foote School Delegation took part in the The Chapin Model Congress. Thirty-eight Middle School students, led by ninth-grade parliamentarians Christian Herron and Salomé Del Rio, spent the day crafting thoughtful legislation that reflected their passion, their intellect and their awareness of the challenges and opportunities that face this country today. 

The day included an Honorable Mention award for Slater Boms for Best Legislator.

The majority of the students' bills passed committee, though the delegates don't necessarily to draft legislation that is designed to be passed; they are encouraged instead to craft legislation that is meaningful to them and will inspire genuine debate. Their proposed legislation included:

An Act to Regulate Underage Electronic Media Use

An Act to End Sports Gambling

An Act to Prohibit Book Bans

An Act to Prohibit Books Bans

An Act to Provide Free Healthcare 

An Act to Replace Animal Testing with A.I. Tech

An Act to Stop “Fast Fashion” Retail

An Act to Illegalize Deepfake Technology

An Act to Replace Andrew Jackson with Ronald Reagan on $20 Bill

An Act  to Increase Facial Recognition Technology `

An To Make Medical Care More Affordable 

Carbon Tax + Renewable Energy Incentives Act

An to Provide Undocumented Minor Immigrants with Legal Counsel

An Act to Support Human Cloning for Health Purposes

An Act to Restrict and Regulate AI Use in Public Media

An Act to Provide Parents with Baby Formula. 

An Act to End the Sale of Gas Powered Vehicles

An Act to End Environmental Injustice in Communities

Advisor Liam Considine said of the group, "We are deeply impressed by how well our school's delegation prepared themselves, and how they rose to the challenge. Our delegation pressed-on with exceptional enthusiasm and diligence. Their openness to working with new people and exploring new ideas would make you proud."

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