5-20-2022 -The final day

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5-20-2022 -The final day

What position do the Supreme Court Justices play in basketball? The bench!

The 90 degree weather did not stop us from taking fun group photos in front of the nation’s Capitol Building and the Supreme Court building (which has been barricaded because of the recently leaked Roe v. Wade opinion).  Some of us contemplated justice while we made our way to the Library of Congress. For an even more humid Washington, D.C. experience, we checked out the United States Botanical Garden. Our final stop of the trip was to the National Gallery of Art which proved, by its cool marble interior and excellent cafeteria, to be a pep-up for our wilting group. Students explored the museum and sketched one piece of art with their roommates and after writing a final reflection in their journals, made for the Sculpture Garden. Under the “Silver Tree” we wrapped up with Emilia and James, our tour guides, and boarded our buses for home. New friendships have formed, practical and historical lessons learned, and certainly memories made. This trip has indeed felt like the capstone for our 8th grade year. And now, how to fit in more learning in the next two weeks?

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