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4-29-2022 - Halfway (Already?!)

Today marked the half-way point of our trip (already?!).  At our evening meeting, we reflected on the beautiful sites we’ve seen so far, the differences we’ve noticed, the difficulties we’ve managed, and the ways we’ve been impressed with the members of our group.   A lot has happened since we left school Monday morning!  We started today with a tour of some iconic sites in Seville: the Plaza de Espana (where Emile reminded us that the location was featured in one of the Star Wars films), the Cathedral (where Matias explained that Christopher Columbus’s body was moved several times before being entombed here), La Giralda (where Charles noted that the architect who turned the minaret into a bell tower was the son of the one who converted the mosque in Cordoba into a Cathedral), and Barrio Santa Cruz (where Lucy talked about Isaac Ben Baruch Albania, who was the leader of this neighborhood when it was the Jewish Quarter).  After lunch we visited Italica, the archeological site in nearby Santiponce (where Juliet gave us the background of Emperor Hadrian, who expanded the city, and Finn told us that the amphitheater of Italica is the fourth largest in the Roman world).  It’s hard to believe that after visiting all of those sites we still had an hour and a half for some shopping before dinner (where we happily celebrated Dani’s birthday)!  We’ve had a packed itinerary for sure, and we’re all looking forward to a slightly slower pace in Barcelona for the second half or our trip.

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