Head of School Search

In June 2019, Head of School Carol Maoz announced her intention to step down as head of The Foote School at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, following 11 years of service. The Search Committee has engaged a consulting team from RG175 to lead the search for a new head of school. This page will be updated with news as the search progresses.

Position Statement

RG175 has developed a position statement about The Foote School and this unique school leadership opportunity.

Head of School Position Statement

Letters to the Community

From Head of School

Dear Foote School Families, Alumni and Friends, 

Anyone who is blessed to spend 11 years in a beautiful environment doing something they love is truly fortunate. That someone is me and that place is Foote School. I am writing to share that I will be departing as Head of School in June 2020 to begin a new chapter. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this very special community and for the many meaningful relationships I have formed. 

From the moment I stepped onto the campus, I felt the excitement and sheer joy of children learning; the deep connections between children, faculty and families; and the emphasis on creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. The sense of community among such a diverse group of families and faculty was, and is, unique in the world, and we should be extraordinarily proud of it. 

I am deeply appreciative of the dedication of the faculty and staff, who live the motto of our school so authentically; for the commitment of the administrative team and the Board of Directors, who have acted as devoted partners in our journey; and for the support of our parent community, whose energy and efforts have strengthened our community and made it possible to create a school of excellence and empathy. Perhaps most of all, I am grateful each day to engage with the children entrusted to our care. 

Together we have accomplished a great deal in the past decade. We received the highest recognition from the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools for excellence in school climate, culture, academic rigor and home-school partnership. Our curriculum has become more experiential and at the same time, more rigorous; it also now reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion, identity
and social justice. We were invited to join a best-practices think tank for K–8/9 schools and have distinguished ourselves nationwide with our mission skills work. In addition, we developed a character education program and will implement a new program to support student social-emotional growth next school year. 

We also strengthened Foote’s finances and facilities, beginning with a successful campaign to build the award-winning Jonathan Milikowsky Science and Technology Building, which continues to inspire excellence in teaching and facilitate student learning and community. We collaboratively developed a strategic vision for the school and have acted upon each goal. We celebrated our Centennial by re-engaging hundreds of alumni, parents and friends, and we have made a commitment to secure Foote’s future for the next century by growing our endowment. 

There is much important work to be done over the next 12 months and I am eager to work together as we have done over the past decade. I look forward to supporting the transition and continuing to serve our school. 

With deepest gratitude, 

Carol Maoz
Head of School

From Board President

Dear Foote School Families, Alumni and Friends,

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors announces Carol Maoz’s departure as Head of School, effective June 30, 2020.

Carol joined The Foote School in 2009 and in her 10 years has been a strong and decisive leader. She has been steadfastly committed to the Foote community, leading with passion and dedication. We are truly privileged to have her guidance and vision. Whether making Challah with Kindergartners, reading regularly to sixth grade classes or leading the Centennial Campaign, Carol has personified Foote’s motto: Gladly will I learn and gladly teach.

While it is impossible to list all that Carol has contributed, several enduring accomplishments stand out, beginning with her integral role in raising $12 million for the Jonathan Milikowsky Science
and Technology Building. Academically, Foote’s program has thrived and expanded into new and exciting territory under Carol’s tenure, with a rigorous curricular review process that has built upon Foote’s academic excellence. Likewise she has hired and mentored outstanding faculty, and created opportunities for teachers to improve their craft and better serve children through meaningful professional development.

Always looking ahead, Carol worked closely with the Board to facilitate the school’s Strategic Vision initiative and plan, emphasizing values such as teaching and nurturing empathy among our students and faculty. That plan has provided a roadmap for Foote over the past five years and will continue far into the future. We are also so grateful for her integral role in helping to bring Horizons at Foote—a summer enrichment program for lower income children in the New Haven Public Schools—to our campus in 2015.

Carol has made an equally indelible mark on our students by ensuring that our curriculum is guided by innovation and best practices. Just one example is her involvement with one of the most popular clubs on campus, F-STAND (Foote Students Together Against Negativity and Discrimination), which she and a teacher established and which she continues to co-advise.

Carol has provided the Board a full year’s advance notice of her departure and we have ample time to conduct a robust national search for her replacement to ensure a successful outcome. A search committee is being established and interviews of outside consultants will begin later this summer. This process will involve all constituencies of the Foote School community and the Board is confident the process will yield a leader who will embody all that we treasure and value at Foote now and well into the future.

The Board and I look forward to working with the entire community in the months to come.


J. Richard Lee
President, Board of Directors

From Search Committee

December 2, 2019

Dear Foote School Parents, Faculty & Staff,

We are pleased to report that the search for our next head of school has moved forward very productively throughout the fall.

With the assistance of input gathered from many of you in September, our consultants, Jerry Katz and Tony Featherston from Resource Group 175, created a position statement to use as a tool for recruiting potential candidates. By the November 15 deadline, Foote had over fifty applicants for this important leadership position.

The Search Committee now has narrowed the applicant pool down to 10 highly qualified "semi-finalists." We are very excited about this strong, gender-balanced group, which includes several current heads of school and multiple candidates of color. The Search Committee will be conducting in-depth, confidential interviews with each of the semi-finalists prior to our winter break.

We then look forward to introducing you to each of three "finalists," in advance of their extended visits to our campus in January 2020.  The dates for finalist visits will be:

  • January 16-17, 2020
  • January 23-24, 2020
  • January 27-28, 2020
  • February 3-4, 2020 (snow date)

Faculty, staff and parents will be invited to attend open meetings with each finalist, and the Search Committee will seek your feedback through an online survey following each candidate's visit. Your perceptions of each finalist's strengths and/or areas of concern will be carefully considered by the Search Committee, prior to their determination of a final recommendation to Foote's Board of Directors.

As we mentioned at the outset of this process, it is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors to appoint our next head of school. 

We are aiming to conclude this process by mid-February, if the weather cooperates with our busy search schedule. As you know, our new head of school will assume her/his position at Foote on July 1, 2020.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Thank you for your continuing confidence and support.


Rich Lee & Rebecca Good
Co-Chairs, Head of School Search Committee

Frequently asked questions

Will Foote School's mission or philosophy change with a new head of school?

No. The School’s mission has been thoughtfully developed and evolved over time. An important factor in evaluating the next Head of School will be the degree to which the candidates understand, support and can enhance our mission.

What firm is supporting the search process?

The Search Committee has engaged the firm Resource Group 175 (RG175) to partner with it on our head of school search. Jerrold Katz and Tony Featherston will facilitate and support our search process.

What is the timeline for the search?

Our consultants and members of the Search Committee will be soliciting and screening candidates throughout the fall of 2019. We expect to be hosting finalist visits to our campus by mid-February, with an announcement about the appointment of our new head of school coming by mid-March. Our new head of school will assume responsibility on July 1, 2020.

What is the role of the Board of Directors in the search?

The Board is responsible for selecting the next head of school. The Board will formally vote to extend an offer to the next head. This is one of the most important roles that the Board plays for the School. The detailed task of conducting the search will be undertaken by a Board designated Search Committee.

what is the makeup of the search committee?

Search Committee members share a deep appreciation for Foote School’s mission. They include parents, faculty, and alumni who offer a diverse set of experiences and points of view as well as a strong degree of commitment to and involvement in the School. See the full list of committee members on this page.      

what is the role of the search committee?

The Search Committee is charged with engaging and learning from all constituents to define the qualities required of the next Head of School. The Search Committee reviews candidate files, interviews the most viable candidates, and identifies 3 to 4 finalists who will visit our campus. After considering input from all constituents who meet with finalists, the Search Committee recommends one candidate for appointment by the Board of Directors. 

Will the search impact the faculty's time in classrooms or the administration's time and availability?

No. Carol Maoz will remain our head of school until June 30, 2020. She and the Board of Directors are committed to ensuring that each child has a fulfilling academic and student experience throughout this school year. The Head of School Search will have little or no visibility with students.

How will the search committee keep the community updated?

You can expect periodic communication from the Search Committee throughout the process. It is important to note that most of the search process must be confidential, and that will shape the communication.

how can i help during the search?

Broad community input will be critical to effectively define the leadership, professional and personal qualities required in the new head. We will be providing forums for faculty, staff, students and parents to meet with our consultants, and all current and recent community members had an opportunity to complete an online survey. Here are some further ways in which you can help:

  • Please make our search consultants aware of any individuals whom you would recommend as potentially strong candidates.
  • Please bring any rumors or speculation directly to the Search Committee co-chairs to minimize the spreading of any inaccurate information.
  • Finally, please read carefully any communications from the Search Committee.

Search Committee

J. Richard Lee (Co-Chair)
President, Board of Directors


Rebecca Good (Co-Chair)
Board of Directors


Francie Irvine
Board of Directors


Mona Gohara
Board of Directors


Jennifer Milikowsky '02
Board of Directors


Wick Chambers '62
Board of Directors


George Joseph
Board of Directors


Amanda Diffley
Lower School Faculty


Deb Riding
Middle School Faculty


Kossouth Bradford
School Counselor


Jay Cox
Former Administrator