Working at Foote School offers the opportunity to be part of a learning community that values an experiential approach to education as well as autonomy and creativity in the classroom. We are strongly committed to the professional development of our faculty and staff and to remaining at the forefront of best practices in primary and middle school education.

Foote’s teachers are truly experts in their fields. They share a commitment to understanding how children learn and to developing age-appropriate curriculum that reflects this knowledge. Our teachers support one another by collaborating across grade levels and departments.

Close relationships among teachers, students and parents cultivate an atmosphere of mutual consideration and respect. We are deeply committed to diversity and to creating an inclusive curriculum and community. We actively encourage applications from candidates with broad and diverse backgrounds and from individuals of all races, nationalities and beliefs.

When first and second graders study humpback whales, they learn how scientists use flukes to identify individual animals—like fingerprints. Each student then designs his or her own unique whale fluke.