Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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We are a diverse, inclusive community where everyone belongs. We are leaders – prepared, connected, and responsible to each other and to our local and global communities.

Families come to Foote from greater New Haven and around the world, bringing a range of perspectives and life experiences that deepen children’s understanding about other cultures, as well as their own.

Our teachers create inclusive classrooms that foster respect for differences, break down stereotypes and support each student’s individual identity, giving children a sense of belonging.

From Body Mapping and Persona Dolls in Kindergarten to the ninth grade Comparative Cultures course, students learn about other backgrounds and values while at the same time exploring their own identities.

Foote Facts

39% students of color

25% of students receive financial aid

19 languages spoken in homes of Foote families

DEI in Action

Anti-Racism Resources

Seventh graders spend the fall semester researching prominent members throughout the history of the New Haven community, and then present their findings to visitors at the New Haven Museum as part of the annual Early America Day.

Learning from Experts

Foote’s faculty and staff is committed to growing in our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, and works regularly with consultants and experts to further our work in this journey.

Dr. Sandra “Chap” Chapman

In 2017, Foote embarked on a multi-year partnership with DEI consultant Dr. Sandra “Chap” Chapman to provide guidance and professional development around curriculum and supporting parents with their understanding of identity development.

Rosetta Lee

Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee, a recognized expert in diversity, equity and inclusion in schools, has twice visited Foote as a keynote speaker for professional development days (in 2013 and 2016)

Deborah Roffman

Sexuality and gender specialist, author and educator, Deborah Roffman trained Foote faculty, staff and parents about gender roles, identity, expression and sexual orientation in 2017.

Tony Ferraiolo

Gender diversity consultant Tony Ferraiolo shared his story and experience working with trans youth with Foote faculty and staff as part of professional development trainings in 2019 and 2021.

Erica Corbin

In 2021, DEI consultant and independent school head Erica Corbin led all faculty and staff in  antiracism training during a Foote Professional Development Day.

Dr. Derrick Gay

Dr. Derrick Gay led a three-part training on diversity, equity and inclusion for members of Foote’s Board of Directors and administrative Leadership Team in the fall of 2021.