Board of Directors

The Foote School is guided by a diverse Board of Directors responsible for providing strategic vision and direction; financial stewardship and oversight of campus facilities; as well as appointing, evaluating and supporting the Head of School. Its members are elected to staggered four-year terms by The Foote School Association, the nonprofit corporation of which all Foote parents or guardians are members.

Board of Directors

Kindergartners learn about measurement and proportion—along with concepts of community—while building “crate schools” as part of an interdisciplinary unit that helps them get to know the school.


President: Kavitha Bindra
Vice Presidents: Andy Rapkin, George Joseph
Secretary: Emily Brenner
Treasurer: Geert Rouwenhorst
Co-Chair Governance & Nominations: Annette Charles



Aléwa Cooper: Head of School
Richard Lee: Immediate Past President
Jennifer Lucarelli: PTC Co-President
Bruce Seymour: PTC Co-President