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We are offer tours October–January to complement our regular Open House events. Learn more.

MS Morning meeting

We encourage our students to think and work independently, collaboratively and creatively; and to learn by doing.

Campus at Foote

At Foote, we make connections with each other and with our environment. We provide authentic spaces where everyone feels included.

Why Foote?

We empower children to lead with courage, compassion, and purpose.

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Ideas we live by


Individuality, expression, and self-acceptance are essential to personal growth and development. True to ourselves, we develop our unique identities and capacity to navigate a complex world.


We are a diverse, inclusive community where everyone belongs. We are leaders – prepared, connected, and responsible to each other and to our local and global communities.


Curiosity, creativity, and joyful inquiry drive learning. We explore diverse paths to ask and answer questions, generate solutions, and better understand ourselves and our world.