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We encourage our students to think and work independently, collaboratively and creatively; and to learn by doing.

Campus at Foote

At Foote, we make connections with each other and with our environment. We provide authentic spaces where everyone feels included.

Why Foote?

We empower children to lead with courage, compassion, and purpose.

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children caring for chickens

A project that began in 2018 finally came to fruition this fall, and a community effort saw the arrival of six hens that will live on our campus as part of a learning model spanning both divisions.

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Our Philosophy


Foote students discover themselves not only as scholars and thinkers, but as citizens and human beings.


Foote is a diverse community where students are taught to recognize and respect individual differences.


Our inquiry-based approach makes learning an active experience for students.


Service learning projects teach students to step beyond themselves and develop empathy and understanding.


Foote nurtures children's natural curiosity into a lifelong love of learning.


We teach students to view setbacks as speed bumps on the path to greater knowledge.