5th grade students in marsh
Learning from our place.

It’s the experience of flourishing within our community. We learn from the landscape, the natural history of a place, the people who have inhabited it, the layers of culture within it.

Kindergartener looks at incubator
Fully engaged, truly seen.

It’s the experience of always becoming, always broadening your vision, always deepening your thinking.

Students complete science project
Plan, build, experiment, explore.

It’s the experience of learning by doing. We collaborate and debate and reflect and revise. We welcome the struggles, the missteps, the wrong turns — because those are opportunities for growth.

Lower school students
Our students learn to lead in their own way.

In every grade, we offer opportunities for students to gain confidence, test their limits, and define leadership on their own terms. Students learn to advocate for themselves and others.

Students on high ropes course
Designed for adventurous students.

Our approach to education transcends labels. With intention, with ingenuity, and with deep respect for child development, we invite students to ask hard questions, dig deeper, take smart risks, and think in new directions.

Flourishing within our community.

The power of our school is the presence of our people: how they care for one another, how they trust one another, how they find joy and wonder in the process of engaging with one another, how they honor their differences and celebrate their shared values.

Why Foote?

Foote students have the space and the support to grow into their most authentic selves. Learn more:

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Ideas we live by


Individuality, expression, and self-acceptance are essential to personal growth and development. True to ourselves, we develop our unique identities and capacity to navigate a complex world.


We are a diverse, inclusive community where everyone belongs. We are leaders – prepared, connected, and responsible to each other and to our local and global communities.


Curiosity, creativity, and joyful inquiry drive learning. We explore diverse paths to ask and answer questions, generate solutions, and better understand ourselves and our world.